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Investing in Pobl

Our long term vision is to deliver great affordable homes that make a positive difference to people and communities. That need is great today and we foresee, long into the future.

Work with us to deliver our ambitions.

Pobl is a not for profit social landlord, regulated by Welsh Government.

We receive significant grant funding but have a track record of securing investment to deliver our ambitious housebuilding and commercial programme.

Pobl has a track record of delivering great affordable homes across a mix of tenures, including general needs rent, intermediate market rent, affordable home ownership, market rent and outright sale.

We innovate with funders and Government in creating new modes of access to homes and lending, such as rent to own and shared ownership. We also develop specialist accommodation for students and care and support providers.

We manage an existing portfolio of over 16,000 homes and robust asset management strategy in place to ensure our customers live in homes that are safe, warm and fully compliant with the Welsh Housing Quality Standard. We undertake significant planned and reactive maintenance programmes across our housing and commercial property stock.