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A Nod to Captain Tom!

Gwynfor, one of the individuals we support in Gorseinon took on his very own Captain Tom-esque challenge this month...

Gwynfor wanted to raise some cash for the tenant funds pot at the Pobl service he lives in, so he decided to take inspiration from Sir Captain Tom Moore and walk 10 laps of the garden every day for 10 days.

This was no mean feat for Gwynfor, who at 91 years old had previously struggled with his mobility.

When he moved into the service in December 2019, Gwyn was suffering with his chest and decided to start building up his walking abilities to enhance his wellbeing – and now there’s no stopping him!

Since starting his walks, Gwyn really felt the benefits, so decided to set him self a challenge and hopefully raise some money along the way.

Lisa Hughes, Team Manager at the Gorseinon Extra Care service said, “The difference in his mobility since he first moved in is tremendous. I don’t think he would ever have imagined walking a lap of the garden, let alone 10 each day. He is doing brilliantly and we are all vey proud of the progress he has made.”

And that pride comes with good reason, as we’re delighted to announce that Gwyn smashed his target and was presented with a certificate, medal and rosette – all organised by the Pobl colleagues who support him.

What’s more, on the most recent count, Gwyn had made £1103 for the tenant funds, which will be put towards group activities at the service when it’s safe to do so.

Importantly, Gwyn is continuing with daily walks and thoroughly enjoys his mobility and independence.