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Pobl Superhero Costume Change!

When Pobl's Clare Mount received an email to ask if anyone wanted to volunteer to help out at a care and support scheme, she knew what she had to do… she swapped her high-vis for an apron.

Whether we’re getting to grips with new Government guidelines or hijacking our dining tables to create makeshift workspaces, we’ve all found ourselves working in new and unusual ways over the past few weeks.

Clare Mount works in the commercial department as a Project Management Assistant at Pobl’s Newport office. That means she’s primarily office-based but often out site too, supporting project managers and helping with the community benefit plans attached to each new Pobl housing development.

Last weekend, Clare hung up her high-vis and hard-hat to take on two shifts at Cwmgelli Lodge. Here’s what she had to say about the experience when she got home on Monday…

“That’s my first two 12 hour shifts done and that’s me shattered. It was quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever, ever done. The people that I have worked with, who do the job day in and day out are absolute saints and did not stop the entire time.
“I did 9,600 steps before 8am. I learned how to move people in their beds, how to roll them, change them and lots more. I hope I was able to take a little bit of strain off the team.”

Clare has since returned to her normal role at Pobl, working 5 days a week, but she will be back at the scheme this weekend and she hopes to continue this to help out going forward.

“Volunteering a little bit of time or energy has such great worth, not just to the people needing assistance, but it also boosts your wellbeing and can increase your happiness. It really has given me a sense of purpose in these trying times.”

If you’ve been inspired by Clare’s story and want to join us to deliver essential care services across West and South Wales on a relief basis, we have made it easier than ever.

Our dedicated team will give you a call back the same day. Within 7 days, you could be supporting those who need us most. All training and safety will be provided.