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Securing Tenancies During Lockdown

Pobl’s Bond Scheme teams are doing all they can to support clients who may be struggling to maintain their tenancies during the current challenging times.

The Welsh Government funded schemes assist people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to find private rented accommodation – a challenge at any time but particularly during a period of national lockdown.

Working with 11 local authorities across six counties we are busier than we have been for a long time, dealing with queries from tenants, landlords and members of the public who are concerned about how COVID-19 will affect them.

The team are seeing an increased demand of the service from people who have led transient lifestyles and have previously relied on the hospitality of friends and family prior to lockdown.

Sofa surfers have made up the largest increase in referrals, although the team are responding quickly to the needs of many people. In the last eighteen working days, they have managed to source, view, inspect, draw up paperwork, claim benefits and create 21 long term tenancies in the Private Sector with landlord and agents.

As essential workers, the team have been present and able to ensure that the landlords with whom we work are still able to run their businesses. The tenants we have previously housed have a point of contact for their concerns and the local authorities are asking for our help and expertise in sourcing properties for vulnerable people in these difficult times.

“My teams see this as nothing more than their jobs. But for the people we assist, they are changing lives. I know that everyone is going above and beyond at this moment and hope that the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in will make for a more positive look on homeless services in the future” Rachel Rodrigues - Bond Scheme Manager

We have been rehousing lots of different client groups, we were even approached by some NHS staff and found accommodation so that they can be nearer to hospitals. However, the Home Office has offered free accommodation for NHS staff for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, all the work that has been carried out, drawing up paperwork and sourcing the properties will not go to waste; the team are now supporting other homeless families into these properties.

The team has worked tirelessly with the local authorities to ensure that not only are we continuing to do the job but doing it when it is taking five times longer than usual. Co-ordinating moving in someone who has had a chaotic lifestyle is difficult at the best of times, but even more so in the current circumstances.

We're here to help

Pobl operate the Welsh Government backed Bond Schemes in six counties:

  • Caerphilly
  • Carmarthenshire
  • Monmouthshire
  • Newport
  • Powys
  • Torfaen

For information regarding any of the above schemes, you can contact us on 01633 225092

Thanks so much for yesterday and moving in a tenant so quickly. Without the Bond Scheme he would have remained homeless and been on the streets last night. I met him and moved him in to the property; he was in a warm & safe environment that wouldn’t have been possible without yourself and the Bond Scheme operating at this difficult time with Covid-19. Thank you!

Hope you don't mind but can I say a big 'THANK YOU' to you and the rest of the team for all your help during these very strange times. I know you always give good help and advice but these last few months have been particularly stressful and knowing that a phone call can usually ease the situation is great. Once again, thank you. Hopefully we will meet in person again (…) Please take care and keep safe.

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for all the additional work you do in connection with helping us and the tenants make a success of their tenancies. Your input from firstly identifying and putting forward the right tenants, supporting us and them during their tenancy and then ensuring a balanced approach at the end of the tenancy. We are happy to keep using the Bond scheme when we receive as much guidance and help as you offer.