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Supporting People Off the Streets of Newport

Pobl’s Housing First team has been working tirelessly to secure temporary accommodation for people experiencing homelessness in Newport.

In collaboration with The Wallich, Newport Council and Eden Gate, support workers have been focussed on making sure that everyone is as safe as possible during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Whilst many people are staying home and staying safe, for some it just isn’t possible. That’s why colleagues have been working without hesitation or objection to provide secure accommodation – even in the most difficult circumstances.” Kelly Hill, Service Manager at Newport Housing First
In the photos above, you can see the conditions some of the people were living in, the team members who have supported them and the care packs that have been left for them in their new homes.

So far, the support workers have managed to temporarily house the vast majority of people who usually sleep rough in Newport. An unprecedented outcome in challenging times.

“The number of people sleeping rough in Newport was in the high 30s just a few weeks ago. That number is now in single figures and work is continuing.” Kelly Hill

And this work is all being done whilst following social distancing guidance – which is especially challenging in this type of situation. But the teams have found ways to provide support and reassurance, even leaving welcome notes and packages to ensure that their clients felt at home the first time they opened their own front door.

The teams are under no illusions however and realise that there is still a long way to go.

“I know this is merely the beginning. With huge demand, the focus is now on providing the wrap around support required to maintain placements. I know we can do it and we have a greater chance of doing so by working together.” Kelly Hill

The biggest challenge so far has been food supply and the teams have been contacting outreach services as well as humanitarian support to ensure that food parcels are delivered daily, along with essential items.

If you’d like to support the work of Pobl and Housing First, you can do so using the following contact details: