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£500 up for grabs: Our FIPP Project needs your help!

We're delighted to announce that our Blaenau Gwent Family Intervention and Prevention Project has been shortlisted to win up to £500 in the Asda green token scheme... and you can help!

By utilising some Pobl Power, we’re hoping that the project will receive lots of votes! And the beauty of this particular competition is that you can have an impact from the comfort of your home…

If you’d like to show your support, please visit www.asda.com/green-tokens and select “Brynmawr”from the drop down box. Supporters will be able to vote once every 7 days, so please do return and re-vote in the following weeks.

In doing so, you’ll be offering a helping hand to a project that has been changing the lives of families for over a decade.

About the FIPP Project

Formed on 15th November, 2010, the FIPP Project offers a holistic approach, working intensively to ensure that families can become strong together.

They help with a wide range of issues including home maintenance, debt, children’s behaviour, family relationships and many other concerns. They support families through the toughest times in their lives and work to help get them to where they want to be.

FIPP also supports families to become part of their communities, encouraging them to join activities, meet new people and develop a support network they wouldn’t previously have had.

FIPP work with children and young people so they can reach their full potential, supporting them in school, the home and the community. They also work individually with parents, so they can access education, employment and reach their own goals.

What about the prize money?

If the FIPP Project is successful in securing the prize money, it will be put towards passes for families to enjoy days out. As Karen Barnes, Area Manager, says, “A great deal of the families we work with don’t get the opportunity to go to the beach or the fair – they can’t go on family days out. So this money would help inject some fun into the lives of the children and parents – to go alongside the intensive support we provide.”