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Introducing Pobl Swap Shop

Karen, one of the individuals we support in Abergavenny is being supported by Pobl colleagues to set up a Pobl Swap Shop… The go-to place for Pobl people to donate, re-use and recycle clothing!

It all started when Lynne Whistance, our Inclusion & Assistive Technology Officer wanted to find creative and meaningful ways to include the individuals we support in the Pobl decarbonisation strategy.

Having supported Karen in Abergavenny and knowing Karen’s talent and passion, she set about discussing the idea with her.

Karen was very keen… and the Pobl Swap Shop idea was born!

Karen will be supported to upload photos and descriptions of the stock she has currently to Pobl’s intranet system – allowing Pobl colleagues to see and request items that take their fancy!

Pobl Swap Shop Rules

  • Once clothes are in the swap shop, they will be available for 3 weeks. After that, they will be donated to those in need or charities.
  • The swap shop will initially be for clothes only (adults and children).
  • All items will be free. This is Karen’s way of helping the planet, encouraging us to reuse, recycle and repurpose clothes we may no longer want or fit (lockdown diets!) but are good quality.
  • So that Karen is not overwhelmed, initially the items will be donated by Pobl Care colleagues working in Abergavenny – and then rolled out across the organisation.
  • First come, first served.
  • Karen is keen to help the planet further, so she will be asking colleagues to think creatively when it comes to delivering/collecting items – with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

About Karen...

Hi, my name is Karen. I have lived in Riverdale for several years now and am an independent individual.

I will be running the swap shop and am really looking forward to it! I have really been bored during Covid and when Lynne asked if I would like to run something that I had interests in, I jumped at the chance.

While I have lived in Abergavenny, I have been lucky to work in the One Stop Shop and a business called Vintage Fashion. Here I would help sort clothes, hang them on rails and help design the window displays. I even helped run a fashion show.

This opportunity sparked my creative side, and I have been busy creating my own designs. I used to attend a local ‘crafty women’ group where I learned to use the sewing machine and made my own bags and things.

I am looking forward to running this ‘shop’ and seeing where it may go. As I have not been working for over a year, please be a little patient with me! I am also hoping to put on my own fashion show!