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Life Through My Mini-Lens

If you live in Newport we want to help you tell your own story.......

Pobl has teamed up with University of South Wales and Foot in the Door to bring the story of Pill and Newport life to the screen at this summer’s Pill Carnival – and we want your contributions…

Your task is to produce 3 mini films (15-60 seconds each) based on the following 3 themes:


The content you generate will then (with your collaboration) be edited into 3 x 3-minute social media videos, to be screened on the night of the Pill Carnival (29th August).

Each theme should allow you to explore Pill / Newport life with curiosity, creativity, and spontaneity – smartphones in hand.

Ultimately, this is about you telling your own digital stories (with or without dialogue) about the place you call home.

Do remember, however, to ask permission to film people and places that are unfamiliar to you.   If in doubt – always ask – and provide any participants with your contact details, should they wish to come & view the finished films themselves.  

And ALWAYS film in LANDSCAPE mode, please!


Challenge Requirements


Length: 15 to 60 seconds maximum

Mode of delivery:  Via WhatsApp to the following number:  07974 692211 (Sally Lisk-Lewis)

Please provide the following details alongside:  Name, Email, Theme, Running time.

DEADLINE:  By midnight on Friday 19 August 2022.


What makes a good story?

  • Timeliness / relevance
  • Prominence / Importance
  • Oddity / difference / uniqueness
  • Emotional Impact
  • Drama
  • Humour
  • Strong character(s)
  • Good access
  • Colourful, arresting images