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Pobl’s Aberystwyth Student Rooms: Now Carbon Neutral!

As part of our drive towards decarbonisation and sustainability, we have arranged for a total of 222 trees to be planted to offset the carbon emitted by our student accommodation building on Aberystwyth seafront.

Although it is owned by Pobl, Clarendon, an old Victorian building, has historically been managed by Aberystwyth University.

However, since taking back the keys in the spring, our student accommodation team has made a huge effort to modernise the building.

And as a result of their desire to become completely carbon neutral, the team has arranged for 222 oak trees to be planted in nearby Lampeter.

A full refurbishment programme is currently underway, with plans for competition at the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year. Old furniture has been removed and donated to a wealth of local charities, whilst energy-sapping lighting has been replaced with highly efficient LEDs.

“The strapline for our student accommodation offering is ‘Better because we do things differently’ and in planting these oak trees in a neighbouring town to Aberystwyth, we hope we can show the community how serious we are about our claim.

“We are a not for profit organisation with a brilliant track record for providing quality, affordable homes and in making our student accommodation carbon neutral, we are leading the way for landlords to become more environmentally responsible.” Warren Lloyd - Head of Commercial Property at Pobl Group

There are 110 student rooms in the Clarendon building, so effectively there are 2 trees being planted for every student living in the accommodation.

When the students arrive in September, the improvements we’ve made to the building will be clear to see. But what they’ll also notice is our commitment to being more sustainable.

“We’re doing away with the usual plastic-heavy welcome gifts that have come to be expected in accommodation like this and there won’t be any paper manuals or brochures to hand. All of the information the students need will be available digitally on a tailor-made portal, negating the need for environmentally un-friendly wastage.” Warren Lloyd

The message from us here at Pobl is simple. As a not-for-profit, we won’t waste money on unsustainable gimmicks.

Our focus is on providing quality accommodation and an excellent service.

And that’s what makes us better… because we’re committed to doing things differently.