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#SocialCareHeroes: Campaigning for Better Recognition

If you follow our social media accounts, you may have noticed us using the hashtag #SocialCareHeroes. There’s a reason for this… Social Care Heroes is a cross sector campaign highlighting the work of those in the social care sector.

We at Pobl are 100% behind the campaign. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted what we have known all along, which is that workers in the social care sector are doing incredibly important work; work which has traditionally been underappreciated and underpaid.

We recently wrote to Senedd members to let them know how our frontline colleagues at Pobl have risen to the challenge in these unprecedented and incredibly challenging times.

We want our frontline colleagues to be better valued and the social care sector to be properly funded so people can receive fairer pay for this vital work. That’s why we’re getting on board with the campaign. And you should too.

✊ The goal

The goal is to raise awareness in the short-term, but ultimately, it’s to make the argument for increased funding to local authorities that will mean the social care workforce can be paid at a fair rate.

“We are completely behind this campaign to build on the increased awareness and appreciation that society has for frontline care workers and to turn this new found recognition into better pay and increased professional recognition. “Social Care heroes have been the 4th emergency service during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have provided vital lifesaving care and emotional support to our society and deserve proper recognition for this skilled and challenging work. “It’s high time that as a society, we recognise this and work together to make it happen.” Rhian Stone - Director at Pobl Group

Here at Pobl, we will continue to contribute to the #SocialCareHeroes campaign by posting about the incredible work our teams have been doing and working with others to raise the issues with Politicians and Welsh Government.

📢 Help us to spread the message

You can help – when you see the #SocialCareHeroes posts, please spread the word by retweeting and sharing them. We have 2700 people working at Pobl. Imagine how far we could spread this message if every person got involved.

As well as being part of the campaign, we are looking at how we can help to use our influence as a large and respected organisation to gain traction and drive this campaign forwards. We will do everything we can to ensure that the work of every #SocialCareHero doesn’t go unnoticed.

Watch this space… and we will come back to you with updates on progress.