Coronavirus - Care & Support Update

Friday 19th June Update

We understand that the past few months have been difficult. But we’re pleased to say that now official restrictions on movements have started to become more relaxed, we are looking towards allowing you to visit again.

Our Commitment Still Stands…

Whilst we are going to start allowing visitors to our services, we are certainly not going to become complacent.

Coronavirus still exists and continues to pose a risk, so we will move forward cautiously, ready to take a step back if required.

Please read on to find out how we are planning to allow visits in a safe and controlled manner…

Care Homes & Extra Care Services:

From 22nd June, we will be preparing to allow restricted access to our services.

Please wait to hear from us – we will be in contact to make arrangements.

The access is strictly limited to our outdoor space and all visitors must abide by the rules set out by each individual service…

Please download the documents below for further information and advice:

Supported Living Services:

We were so pleased to start allowing access to our Supported Living Services again and we can tell how much it has benefitted the people we support.

Whilst we have started to allow visitors to our services, we are certainly not going to become complacent.

Please read on to remind yourselves of how we are working to reduce the risk of spreading the virus:

  • Friday 5th June Update

    As you all know, on 24th March, we took the difficult decision to close all of our care and support services to visitors. From the very beginning, we have been following advice and guidance issued to us by Welsh Government and Public Health Wales to keep your loved ones safe.

    Recently, some lockdown measures were relaxed slightly in Wales, but as you can see from the statement below, the official guidance for residential care homes remains unchanged.

    Visits to a care home should now only take place when absolutely essential and not as part of routine visiting previously experienced at the home. Non-essential providers such as Hairdressers and entertainers should cease attending the care home along with non-essential contractors or service providers.

    “We recognise the importance of relationships with family and friends in emotional wellbeing and cannot reinforce strongly enough the crucial role visitors can now take in the physical protection of their family and friends by not visiting, while continuing to support emotional wellbeing in alternative ways.”

    Albert Heaney, Deputy Director General Health & Social Services, Welsh Government.

    Since the most recent announcement, we have also sought advice from Public Health Wales and they have confirmed this position.

    To protect your loved ones, we remain closed…

    In order to ensure the safety of your loved ones, their fellow residents and our teams working within our schemes, we cannot allow external visitors to our services until the guidance changes. We understand that this is difficult, but we ask you to please support us, as you have done so far.

    The health and wellbeing of your loved ones will always be our priority and whilst lockdown is challenging for everyone, it remains the right thing to do for everyone’s safety. If you’d like to find out more about the Welsh Government guidance issued to residential care homes, please click here.

    We’re working hard to keep everyone safe, and you have a key role in reducing the risk further…

    • Please respect the visiting restrictions we have put in place.
    • Try not to call us unless it is an emergency.
    • Please trust us to deliver the best level of care to your loved one.



    We’re risk assessing Supported Living Services. The guidance issued by Welsh Government about the continuation of lockdown in our residential care homes does not apply to our supported living services.

    However, we want to be sure that any access granted to these services is safe. Therefore, we are carrying out risk-assessments at each one to ensure that if visits are allowed, they can be undertaken in a way which will keep your loved ones – and you – safe.

    The managers of each service will contact you directly to let you know the progress on this.

    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please forward them to our team who will respond as soon as possible:

    Thank you for your continued understanding and support, which is helping us to keep your loved ones safe.

  • Monday 20th April Update

    Families of people we support should read our ‘Working Together to Tackle Coronavirus’ pack which explains the changes we’ve made to how we work, our approach to safety and how you can help.

    Working Together to Tackle Coronavirus


    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

    We are committed to keeping everyone safe and avoiding the risk of spreading the virus. We are following Public Health Wales and Care Inspectorate Wales Guidelines on the use of PPE in services.

    At our services, personal protective equipment would include gloves, aprons and masks.

    Click here to read the latest official guidance regarding PPE.

  • Monday 24th March Update

    Following the latest Government guidanceputting in place unprecedented restrictions on people’s movements, we have made the difficult decision to close all our care and support services to visitors. 

    From 9am on Tuesday 24th  March, only those who live or work in our services will be permitted access.  Essential visiting healthcare professionals will also be allowed access, escorted by one of our colleagues. 

    We understand that this is a distressing time for many people and encourage families to remain in contact with loved ones by telephone, WhatsApp, FaceTime, letter or any other method of communication that you are able.   

    Our staff will be supporting people to maintain their friendships and family relationships through non-contact methods as far as possible.  

    Due to the expected impact of the Coronavirus on our staffing levels, and to promote social distancing, we will be limiting activities within services to essential care and support.   

    If you would prefer for  your loved one  to come and stay with you throughout this period, we will facilitate this arrangement and support the decision fully,  as long as the person we support agrees with this arrangement.  

    Please be assured that we are following the advice of Public Health  Wales and are working in conjunction with Care Inspectorate Wales, Commisioners and all appropriate authorities. 

    This is a difficult decision which we recognise will impact on residents and their loved  ones, but the reason for this is to protect all those living in our schemes as best as we can.  This is not an easy message for us to share, and  we  appreciate that this may cause some discomfort, but believe that this is a necessary step to take.  

    This restriction will remain in place until further notice.