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Supporting Individuals & Overcoming Fears…

As the Covid-19 vaccination is rolled out across the UK, we are all able to start looking forward to some normality resuming. However, for some individuals, a visit to the vaccination centre is incredibly daunting...

Clive lives at one of our Supported Living services in Newport and he has autism.

He has never had any sort of injection or vaccination before, as he has a very real fear of needles.

This week however, Clive was supported to visit his local vaccination centre and came home feeling a massive sense of achievement.

Katie Keohane, Team Manager explains, “The fact that Clive has had his vaccination really is a massive deal for him – and also for our colleagues who support him.”

Clive's team has worked really hard to explain the benefits of having the vaccine and have really supported his emotional wellbeing throughout.” Katie Keohane, Team Manager
Clive is ecstatic with himself for having his vaccine, as are his family and his support team. Katie says, “In all honesty, we never in a million years thought he would have it, so it’s just amazing.”

Well done Clive – and the Pobl team. The Covid-19 vaccination is going to be life-changing for all of us, but for Clive it marks something even bigger… Inspiring stuff.