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Injections of Hope

Hundreds of our frontline colleagues and many of the individuals they support have started to have their Covid-19 vaccinations.

Whilst the pandemic has really taken a toll on us all, the vaccine roll-out is a real symbol of hope – and hope is something that we all need to cling on to at the moment.

Here, some of our colleagues share their experiences of having the vaccine and their photos…

Alison's Experience...

Alison is an Assistant Director in our Care division….

“I received my text message on Tuesday 5th January to contact the hospital switchboard and arrange my appointment for my Covid vaccination. Astonishingly it was the next morning at 10.15am at Bay field hospital on Jersey Marine, Swansea, right next to Amazon…

I had a very restless night. I was nervous and not sure what to expect – a real feeling of doom… I have no idea why.

My journey there wasn’t any better. I had real butterflies.”

“When I got there, it was a very well organised set up. The car park was empty and there were 3 marshals directing us in with arrows as to where to walk. I was asked to sanitise my hands on entering and directed to follow arrows to a desk. I gave my details to the receptionist, completed a questionnaire and was asked to follow the arrows to a bay.

There were around 60 people going through every 15 minutes – it was a very well-oiled conveyer belt.

I was met by a lovely nurse who verbally went through my completed questionnaire to check if I had any symptoms, if I had tested positive in the last month and about any allergies I have.

It was then a case of choosing which arm, roll my sleeve up and away to go.

Hope was injected into me there and then… what an amazing feeling.

I can’t tell you how this has lifted such a heavy feeling we’ve all been carrying around… At last!!!!!!”

Caroline's Experience...

Caroline is a Peripatetic Senior Performance Manager in our Care division. She was feeling apprehensive about the vaccination, but the concern was unfounded – as she explains…

“I received a text to book my vaccination on the 5th January. They were very helpful and gave me a choice of Wednesday Thursday or Friday to attend the education centre in Moriston hospital. I booked my appointment for the 7th January.”

‘The staff were very helpful and it was all very organised and my time at the hospital ran smoothly.

The nurse put me at ease very quickly as I felt a little nervous.”

“She ran through everything with me and in seconds, my vaccination was done and I hardly felt a thing.”


“I really do have a more positive outlook about on the road forward and feel that we are on our last run to the finish line.

It’s a new year, we will continue to support each other and stay safe. But with people now having the vaccination, I do believe it’s a new beginning, as we are finally receiving the ammunition that will make us stronger to fight this pandemic.”

Josie's Story

Josie lives at one of our Supported Living services in Neath. Having turned 80 in July, she falls into the “vulnerable” category in the roll-out and was one of the first people at our services to receive a vaccination.

When lockdown began in March 2020, Josie started shielding and apart from a short period in the summer when she accessed the community, Josie has chosen to remain at home to avoid any risk of catching the virus.

Josie chose not to create a bubble with any of her family and instead spent Christmas at home for the first time.

Josie was delighted to receive a phone call from her GP practice to arrange for her to have her covid vaccine and hopes that this is the beginning of normality resuming.

Most of all, she is looking forward to going shopping for more bags!

Whilst the vaccine does not spell the end of the pandemic and all of the risks and restrictions, it is definitely a step in the right direction for our Care & Support services.