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Promoting Independence with Assistive Technology

At Pobl Group, we’re undertaking a number of pilot projects to better understand how we can use technology across our Care and Support Services to reduce risk, whilst promoting greater independence.

The aim is to investigate how technology can reduce isolation and loneliness and to understand how data can improve the support we provide to individuals – but most importantly, to really listen to what they want.

A significant amount of work has been done to identify suitable opportunities for engagement with the pilot and it has highlighted a number of potential issues and opportunities. Take George’s story, for example…

George's Story

One of the individuals included in our pilot is George. He lives at one of our Care services in Swansea and has complex physical disabilities.

George is already an avid user of assistive technology and has been a really valuable contributor to our project.

In the video above, George is interviewed by Lucy, the Manager at the service. It highlights the need for us to listen to our customers and not assume, as well as showing the impact of having this technology available to him.

George’s story emphasises how truly important it is for individuals to be given the opportunity to carry out basic day to day functions that many of us take for granted. George’s biggest wish is to be able to open his own curtains – we are making this happen!

The pilot comes to an end in March, 2022 after which, a report will be written based on our findings. The report will also make recommendations for how Pobl can continue this vital work.