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A New Chapter Begins for Hales House Resident

Pobl’s housing support service for young people has assisted a long-term resident into her own accommodation after 2 years at the scheme.

Holly, aged 22, has lived at Hales House in Pontypool since September 2018 and the opportunity to access support and guidance has been life-changing.

Starting the new chapter in her life will be challenging, but the support she has been given over the past two years will help her through the transition.

Holly says, “My stay at Hales House has been a rollercoaster of memories.

“I have mixed emotions, but I wouldn’t have been able to do this with confidence without the support I received at Hales.

“Staff have been excellent with supporting me and guiding me to the right path in life.”

And as she sets out on her own, she will be helped along the way. Pamela Hatfield, Pobl support worker explains, “I have been fortunate to support Holly. Due to her excellent engagement, she has completed numerous Agored Cymru qualifications and most recently, she has completed her MOT, to secure a ‘Move On package’, funded by Torfaen Council”.

The MOT is a way of recognising what the young people at Hales House have learned about independent living. It’s a full programme, made up of four modules, including ‘Managing Money’, ‘Looking After Your Home’, ‘Being a Good Neighbour’ and ‘Moving Forward’.

Holly says, “The ‘Move On pack’ includes a variety of things to start you off in your new property, such as a microwave, utensils, cutlery and a variety of other products. It’s worth completing the MOT to receive it.”

Everyone at Pobl will be wishing Holly the best of luck as she starts this exciting new chapter… And we’ll also be thinking of the colleagues she leaves behind. They have been instrumental in helping Holly and, as she says in her own words, “I don’t know where I would be without the support and guidance I received”.

Well done Holly, and the Hales House team!