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Pobl Bond Scheme: Still Here to Prevent Homelessness

Pobl’s Bond Scheme has continued to operate throughout the lockdown period, helping a total of 63 people into secure accommodation in April and May.

The Bond Scheme supports people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to secure a tenancy with a private landlord.

Recently, many of the ‘unseen homeless individuals’ who had been staying with friends or family members, have been asked to leave due to the pandemic.

Rachel Rodrigues, Bond Scheme Manager explains, “We work across 11 local authority areas, throughout the counties of Caerphilly, Carmarthenshire, Monmouthshire, Newport, Powys and Torfaen. As diverse as these areas are, the issues have been similar in each location.”

Finding yourself homeless at any time is a horrifying prospect – but to have nowhere safe and secure at a time when everyone is being told to “stay home and stay safe” is unimaginable.

So how does the Pobl Bond Scheme help?

Rachel explains, “We calculate how much the person can afford and then provide a contract to the tenant and landlord, which, in essence, is an insurance policy.

“This covers the value of the bond and means that the tenant does not have to find a huge amount of money up-front to move in, which puts the landlord’s mind at ease.”

A ringfenced Credit Union account is then set up, allowing the tenant to save and eventually pay the bond to the landlord in a year (or two, depending on the agreement).

“Our focus is on preventing people from becoming homeless and the risk of this happening due to Coronavirus has increased dramatically. That’s why we’ve continued to provide the service and recruited 13 new landlords during the lockdown period. To put this into context, our annual recruitment is usually around 35 landlords, which shows how everyone is playing their part at this time.” Rachel Rodrigues

Without the help of the Bond Scheme, 63 people would have faced homelessness during a pandemic – some of whom were families with children.

If you know someone who would benefit from help, whether they are homeless, a tenant struggling with rent payments or even a private landlord who needs advice, please contact the Pobl Bond Scheme on:

01633 225 092