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Pobl signs-up to Swansea Council's Human Rights City pledge

Pobl is the latest organisation in Swansea to sign-up to the Human Rights City pledge.


Having signed the pledge, employees will also take part in training events with the British Institute of Human Rights which are on offer to organisations and business across Swansea.

In December Swansea was declared Wales’ first Human Rights City and now work is taking place to embed human rights into everyday working practices and raise awareness of rights among people in Swansea.

"The council and other organisations have been exploring ways we can improve our services by ensuring there is a focus on human rights in all that we do and the decisions that we take. "I’m delighted that our partners in Pobl are joining us on this journey and have signed the Human Rights City pledge. "Our vision is that everyone in Swansea will have a voice, especially those who are currently marginalised or socially vulnerable, and will have the opportunity to shape the vital services that they rely on day to day." Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture and Equalities, Elliott King
"At Pobl we want to be inclusive by instinct, taking every opportunity to promote equality, embrace diversity and challenge discrimination. "We are proud to support Swansea in becoming Wales' first Human Rights City and to sign the pledge which reflects our desire to create friendly, fair and safe communities where everybody is welcome." Nicola Jones, Strategic Lead for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at Pobl Group
Pictured above are members of the FREDIE team at Pobl with Cllr Elliott King.
You can read more about FREDIE and what it means to us at Pobl here