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Adapting the Way We Work in Cardiff

Pobl’s floating support team has been working closely with Cardiff Council in response to the changing needs of the people we support.

In what is a very uncertain and challenging time, three support groups have been put into action, to tackle the most pressing issues.

This is in turn, is relieving the pressure in a joint working approach for Cardiff Council who are operating an advice line related to Covid 19 enquiries and for people who are shielding or self isolating due to vulnerabilities.

The different groups are detailed below…

A "triage" group:

Taking on the most complex support issues that community hubs are often unable to assist with, this group is made up of a Welfare Benefits Caseworker and some of Pobl’s experienced Floating Support Workers. Together, they are helping the hub’s staff to take calls through an advice-line, offering guidance on housing or housing benefits issues. This team is also responsible for dealing with people who have contacted the Cardiff advice line and are need of help and support.

A “boots on the ground” group:

Tackling urgent resettlement and crisis work, as well as delivering food parcels and identifying safe ways for isolated clients to shop, this group supports with the collection of prescription medication and assists with the completion of urgent forms and documentation. They also provide mobile phones to those with no means of contacting the group or loved ones.

A “wellbeing” group:

This group is made up of Floating Support Workers of which some are self-isolating and unable to work on the front line. From their own homes, they are providing an enhanced telephone support service.

The work ethic of the people within all of these groups has been outstanding. Dozens of food parcels and prescriptions have been delivered and to date, 10 mobile phones have been provided to those in need.

Digital Inclusion...

The teams have also been working hard to ensure that everyone has access to technology. They are implementing digital inclusion assessments, which gathers information regarding whether clients have access to WhatsApp and their own email addresses. In setting this up for clients, information is more easily shared and the teams are able to keep everyone up to date with not just details about the service, but the latest Public Health Wales guidance too.

In addition welfare calls are being made to all clients who are being closed on Floating Support to make sure they are managing and to check if they need anything.

And all of this work is being done in addition to the usual caseloads of each support worker. This hard work and dedication is truly admirable, and the effects are definitely being felt.

Take a look at this thank you note, which is just one of the messages received by the team from someone referred to collect medication due to shielding.

Each member of the team is working hard to make a big difference in Cardiff.