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Newport teams get "heartfelt thanks"

When Pobl staff in Newport were called on to ensure that children who received free school meals could still get them despite the lockdown, they swung into action without hesitation.

The kindness you have all shown to our families, most you have no connection with at all, is immeasurable and simple words don’t seem enough for the such a kind act. Marie Ward

Volunteers from our community, regeneration and trades teams came together to ensure that no young people in the community went without, delivering hundreds of meals where they were needed every day.


In typical Pobl fashion, they went about it in their usual positive and considerate way, really making a difference to people’s lives without any fuss.


However, their efforts didn’t go unnoticed and we were delighted to receive a letter from the headteacher of Crindau Primary School in the City, turning the spotlight on the staff from Pobl who have gone the extra mile in difficult times.

Mrs Ward’s words were echoed in a video received from Leah, one of our customers, who wanted to thank the “brilliant, amazing” Pobl team working on the ground…

Well done to Joanne, Luke, Ross and Jason, and all your colleagues, for once again doing Pobl proud.