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Pobl Difference Makers Recognised as Covid Heroes

We are very proud to see two of our colleagues named as Local Covid Heroes. Simon and Donna have gone above and beyond to help people out during the current pandemic.

Fulgoni Opticians is a family run business in Abergavenny and their recent Facebook post asking for their customers to nominate their local heroes attracted a lot of attention.

If you live in Abergavenny, you might have passed Fulgoni’s wonderful display of paper hearts in their window that recognises local key workers and the amazing work they are doing.


Simon is a new team member with our Monmouthshire Lifestyles Project. He started with Pobl just as Wales hit lockdown and even though his first days in a new job couldn’t have been easy, Simon fitted into the team perfectly. His colleagues say that he is a joy to work alongside and goes above and beyond, which his colleague Donna experienced first-hand.

Donna worked through moving one of the clients into a property that needed a thorough clean-up to make it safe for the client. At the time, the landlord refused to come out as their staff were not allowed into properties. This meant that Donna had to do work alone with just pest control helping.

When Simon heard of the situation, he went out of his way to help. Together, Donna and Simon worked all day to bring the property, which was in a very bad state, to a habitable standard. Nothing was too much trouble for Simon, and his colleagues are eternally grateful for his help.


Donna is passionate and committed to what she does. Nothing can stop her from helping Pobl clients and, according to her manager, Donna aka The Duchess of Abergavenny, is the backbone of the project as one of the original team members when the Lifestyles project was set in Monmouthshire.

Donna’s nomination for the Local Covid Hero comes mainly from organising the Easter ‘Road Trip’. She and a few other members of the team went out to clients’ houses with chocolate bunnies, banners and silly hats to try and cheer them up. The clients are still talking about how seeing Donna and the team gave them that much needed lift in lockdown.

Simon referred to Donna as a true inspiration. “Certainly for me, being the newest member of the team” he added.

Donna said, “I am the only long-standing part of Pobl Lifestyles Team left and I have seen new members come and go, but at present, we have an amazing manager – Colin Jones, and I’m proud to say we have a team who work very well together”.

Colin added that he is very proud of his team and for them, they don’t need accolades as making a difference to others is a reward in itself.

However, he added  “I am pleased for them to be nominated. Most of my team have been going over and above in their support of their clients during this difficult time.”

Fulgoni’s are now planning an award ceremony to take place once the pandemic is over.