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Swansea project to help ease homelessness in City

Pobl Group has teamed up with Swansea Council and its partners as they intensify efforts to ensure nobody needs to be homeless in Wales’ second city during the current unprecedented situation.

Temporary accommodation for up to 20 single people is being created in the city centre so that those in need of support right now are able to receive it.


Swansea Council is seeking Cabinet approval to finance the re-opening of Ty Tom Jones in Alexandra Road in a £400,000 project that will provide support for at least a year to homeless people and rough sleepers.


Under the scheme, the council will provide funding so as building owners, Pobl, can re-open and prepare it for occupation. It’ll then be managed by Pobl, while homelessness charities Wallich and Caer Las will be delivering support to residents.

“We’ve made a pledge that no person need sleep rough in Swansea. That pledge was in place before the Coronavirus crisis and will still be there when the pandemic is over. Re-opening Ty Tom Jones is part of our commitment to provide additional temporary accommodation for homeless, vulnerable people. At times like these it is often the most vulnerable who are most at risk. We recognised that straight away and so did the Welsh Government, who’ve made extra funding available so that homeless people could have places to stay and be supported through the crisis.” Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Homes and Energy

A report to Cabinet due to take place on May 7 says that work has already started at the building with electrical works, installation of CCTV, furniture and other equipment already completed.


It’s anticipated the temporary service will be available until May, 2021, and staffing costs will be about £345,000, funds which the council will reclaim from the Welsh Government.


Cllr Lewis said: “The purpose of this effort is to protect homeless people and keep them safe. This project means they’ll have access to medical care and other support and be able to self-isolate should they be affected by the virus.”

“We are really pleased to be part of the council’s efforts to increase the supply of homes for homeless people in Swansea. Our new service at Ty Tom Jones will be a bridge between leaving temporary accommodation and moving into a permanent home. Working with partners, tenants will receive support, advice and assistance to ensure that when they make their next move, they are ready for that move, helping to break the cycle of homelessness.” Andrew Vye, Managing Director, Pobl Homes & Communities