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Theresa’s cover has been blown! – Pobl’s own Whodunnit

At Pobl, we already know how fantastic our Difference Makers are but this lovey gesture wasn’t what anyone at our supported living project in Abergavenny expected!

At the start of the lockdown, a number of our Support colleagues, who couldn’t continue to carry out normal duties, have been asked to help out in the Care division. Theresa Phillips was one of the volunteers who put her name forward.

Originally, Theresa moved over from the Families Intervention and Prevention Project where she was a caseworker supporting parents and families.

In her new role, Theresa is working with three gentlemen with learning difficulties. It’s a difficult job and she’s seen her new colleagues working hard every day dealing fantastically well with all the new guidelines that have been introduced.

She said that although the role is challenging in different ways to what she has been used to, she knows that her colleagues are traveling far to work and often working long shifts in order to make sure the three clients are safe and happy.

She said: “They just get on with it. And the gentlemen don’t understand, they can’t say thanks even though I know they appreciate what staff are doing”.

It’s little things that make a difference

During one of the shifts, a card was delivered to the scheme with no return address. Theresa brought the card in to the staffroom and insisted her colleagues open it.

Lynne Whistance, Team Manager, said:

“The card came in the post today. After a little bit of detective work, staff on shift have found out that the lovely support volunteer, Theresa Phillips organised for the card to be done. It really blew the team away!”

Theresa decided that she wanted to surprise her colleagues and show them that they are appreciated. To give them a little boost, she ordered the card online and wrote a little thank you message, from the three gentlemen to the amazing staff.