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A Warm Pobl Welcome…

We would like to say a big “Hello and welcome” to Daniel, who recently moved into one of our Supported Living services in Llanelli.

As with all of our Supported Living services, the aim is to help Daniel to lead a more independent life. Our colleagues provide person-centred support designed to help individuals to gain life skills and greater independence.

We’ve already seen lots of photos of Daniel and his housemates, who seem to be having a lot of fun as they get to know one another. But we wanted to find out a little more about him and how he’s settling into his new home.

Here are Daniel’s words…

“My name is Daniel and on 8th October I moved into my new home. I am 19 years old. 

I used to live in Carmarthen and this is the first time I have lived away from home and my family. I have a little brother who is 8. He still lives with my Mum.

I wanted to move here to be independent, as I am older now and don’t need to live with my mum.”

"I am happy here, I’m even getting used to doing my chores, (though I don’t really like them!)"

“I get on well with John and Andrew, we have a laugh.

I also like the staff. My keyworker is Claire, there’s also Jason, Joy, Rob, Bev and Laura, (Laura is my favourite).

I go to college 3 times a week, which is good because I see my friend Chad.

When at home I like to watch TV, play games, and chat to my friends. I also like cooking, staff support me to make lovely food.”

We look forward to following what Daniel gets up to and watching his progress on his journey to greater independence.