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The Socks That Keep On Giving #PoblSocks

Back in July, Pobl colleagues received the best socks ever created… And new colleagues are still finding them on their door mats today.

Well after seeing the videos on how these socks are made I have a new appreciation for socks altogether. The thought and effort gone into ordering these for us staff, I think it is Fantastic. It’s so heart…I mean Foot warming 🙂 To be sent a little surprise appreciation gift in the post it made my day 🙂
We all work our socks off so these aren’t “just a pair of socks” they are a symbol of our hard work and I will treasure them. In fact I don’t want to wear them I want to frame them! lol
Its wonderful that you have supported a Welsh business through this difficult time also with a big order like this you possibly saved their business!!
THANK YOU POBL, proud to be part of the team xxxxxxxxxxxxx – @gemma-lewis

Inspired and touched by the lives we help and support through the work we do here at Pobl, Corgi have offered to not only sell our Pobl Socks on their website to raise money for Pobl Trust (for the foreseeable future), but for every pair of socks they sell from their website during November, they will donate a pair of Corgi socks to our customers that are at risk or have experienced homelessness.

As we go into the coldest of months, this seemingly small gesture of kindness will provide more than warmth and comfort, for those who need it most.

You heard it here first! This campaign is now live, so please help us and Corgi spread the message by sharing the sock posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. #PoblSocks