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Agored Qualifications: The difference they make

Have you heard of Agored Qualifications and Move-On Training systems? They can have a lasting positive impact on people’s lives...

Agored qualifications are widely recognised, valued and respected by employers. This means that Agored Cymru accredited learners are in a strong position to find a job or progress in their careers. With this in mind, we support customers to complete Agored qualifications and Move-On Training across our Support services.

All of that sounds great in theory, but do they really have an impact? Well, here’s a case study to put things into perspective…

Natalie's Story

Natalie came to live at Pobl’s supported accommodation services when her problems with alcohol and subsequent treatment led to her experiencing homelessness. She has always loved learning and has a degree in International Tourism and Management, which saw her study in Austria as part of her course.


Natalie’s main focus during her stay with Pobl has been to remain abstinent, something that she continues to achieve and is coming up to 2-years sobriety. She relished the learning opportunities offered in scheme, in particular craft and outdoor projects which she attributes for helping her achieve and maintain positive mental health.

Outcomes & Progression

During her time with Pobl, Natalie engaged in every opportunity offered, including multiple social enterprise projects that helped the scheme fundraise for other customers to be able to take part in craft, garden, and humanitarian projects.

She is particularly proud of her involvement in the scheme’s project to rescue battery farm chickens that were destined for slaughter. She helped build and maintain the coop and looked after the chickens that were quite distressed when they first arrived. She helped them settle into their new home, which saw them transform from underweight, nervous hens to individuals with their own personalities and entertaining antics.

To help ready her for her own accommodation Natalie completed her Move-on Training, an unaccredited framework designed to ready customers for finding their own property and moving into long-term accommodation. She found the sections on preparing for tenancy and budgeting particularly useful and continues to use tips on budgeting now that she has her own tenancy.

Natalie also engaged with Pobl’s accredited learning programme and completed all eighteen Agored Cymru qualifications available in scheme, achieving her Agored Cymru Level 1 Award in Personal and Social Education QCF and the Agored Cymru Level 1 Certificate in Work-Related Education QCF.

Future Aspirations

Natalie wants to work in support, inspired by her own journey and the support she received in scheme. “I want to support people like me because I have walked in their shoes”, she said.

She is currently volunteering with Pobl, helping with gardening projects and planning craft workshops to make pieces for a Christmas fundraising initiative and is looking for additional volunteer positions in support to build her skills and give her more experience.


Natalie has settled into her new accommodation and is enjoying being independent. She is continuing her learning journey and has signed up for on-line course in arts and crafts.