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Deeds not Words

Recent events have shone a new light on the racial inequalities and racism experienced by BAME communities across the globe, in the UK and in Wales.

The impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on Black, Asian and other Ethnic Minority groups have been profound, with BAME communities up to two times more likely to die from the disease than others.

Many of the reasons for this impact are linked to long standing socio-economic disadvantage, structural racism and lack of BAME representation within decision making to influence better outcomes. The Covid-19 pandemic has magnified these inequalities.

The murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement and the subsequent protests across the globe, have also highlighted the systemic inequalities and injustice, with BAME communities in the UK and Wales demanding lasting changes to how we tackle systemic racial inequality.

Tai Pawb has developed a Pledge with its Social Housing members in Wales to begin the process of addressing the concerns of communities threatened due to racial inequalities.

Read our pledge to find out the actions that Pobl have committed to taking in the next 5 years: Deeds not words infographic Oct 2020