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A Great Day Out

Before the local lockdowns came into force, some of the individuals we support at a service in Rhymney were able to get out and about, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery that south Wales has to offer.

With their support worker, Mark as their guide, Michael and Chris hiked from Dinas Rock to Sgwd Yr Eira Waterfall. Along the route, Mark taught them about wild edibles like wood sorrel, the many ways of using dandelions, how to make fruit leather from hawthorn berries and the different teas you can make from certain plants and leaves. They also learned how to identify trees.

After they visited Sgwd Yr Eira, they hiked over to the plunge pools, where adventure groups jump into the water from a great height.

Mark knew the adventure company working there at the time, so Michael and Chris were able to watch as the people jumped into the water safely.

They then made their way down through the gun powder works and sat next to the river for their lunch, before making their way up to Melin Waterfall, which is 80ft high.

Michael and Chris couldn’t thank Mark enough for their great day out and an opportunity to explore such a beautiful part of Wales, whilst learning about nature and the outdoors.

Alongside his role as a Project Worker at Pobl, Mark is also an outdoor pursuits instructor and he loves to use his skillset to help the individuals he supports.

“I see the outdoors as a great therapy. It really is a healer and I love sharing my passion for it with the individuals in our support service.” Mark Davies

This year, we have all realised the health and wellbeing benefits of being outdoors – and it’s fair to say that many of us have a new appreciation for the open spaces all around us.

Once the local lockdown restrictions have eased, we look forward to hearing more stories of adventure and exploration from our support services!