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Commercial congratulations!

Despite the ongoing challenges presented by Coronavirus, the Commercial Division is busier than ever with an increasingly large development programme and a significant number of new schemes coming forward.

With that in mind, we’ve taken the opportunity to review our team structure, to ensure we have the right skill sets to complement the existing team and to meet Pobl’s ambitious growth, innovation and sustainability targets. 

 To that end, we have created five new roles: 

  • Head of Sustainability and Innovation 
  • Senior Project and Design Manager 
  • x Senior Project Manager positions 

These new roles will allow us to build and target our knowledge and experience in areas that are becoming central to the business and move forward at a greater pace than we could otherwise achieve, while providing a clearer line of management across teams. 

 So, without further ado, a huge congratulations to the following Pobl colleagues on their new roles: 

These new roles will help to bring consistency to the teams East and West and bring a focused resource to two important areas of growth for the business.