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The Book Of Strength

It’s been an absolute privilege to work alongside the families who took part in this wonderful project through such challenging times. Their openness and creativity shines through in this beautiful story and, my colleagues and I are so proud of what we’ve all achieved together. The Book of Strength perfectly reflects what can be achieved, as individuals and communities, when we look to each other for support. The project’s potential to make an impact is huge and we look forward to working with health, education and community partners across Wales. Kelly Lewis, Sue Gibson & Amanda Roberts, Pobl Group

Zoom Launch Event

Apologies for the quality, our zoom connections really challenged us!

This Feeling

Poem by Leah Morgan

It was a lovely day the summer breeze and light,

I awoke with a feeling of anxiety and fright,

This feeling inside me won’t go away and I pray it would each single day,

This inside of me is angry and in pain but no matter what I do or say it still won’t go away,

Wherever I go it’s still inside my brain I cannot hide or run away,

This feeling seems to be here to stay,

But I want to feel like me again some day.


Read The Book Of Strength here.

Teacher/parent notes that accompany the book can be dowloaded here > The Book Of Strength - Teacher/Parent Notes

Watch Jen’s again. Her presentation can also be found here.

Jaimie-leigh’s reading.

Contact: If you have any questions or would like to get in touch about the book, please contact Kelly Lewis.


The Book of Strength as a Therapeutic Resource