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Solas and GCS join forces to provide floating support

Gwalia Care & Support and Solas are pleased to announce that their joint bid to provide a floating support service in Cardiff was successful.

Cardiff Council is currently restructuring all of its generic floating support services and as a result is reducing the number of providers from 17 down to 2. The Council recently tendered two new contracts each with a value of £1million per year for 5 years with the option of a two year extension. Gwalia Care & Support & Solas’ bid was successful in winning one of the contracts, and a collaboration between United Welsh and the Salvation Army was awarded the other.

This contract is a significant one for Pobl Group as it is the first time two members have joined forces and bid together for a single contract.

Paul Baker, New Business Manager said:

“Putting the tender together was a great team effort from GCS and Solas staff and we’re now enjoying working together again to ensure a smooth implementation of the new service which starts on April 1st.

“Winning this contract represents a great opportunity for Pobl to build on its existing presence, develop our service offering and reinforce our reputation as a leading provider of person-centred support in the capital.”

As a generic floating support service, people who are facing a wide range of housing-related issues will be referred by the local authority and it is anticipated that over 1200 people will receive support services every year.

 This new service will also see the creation of around 25 new jobs.