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Vegan MP visits our care home helping residents be vegetarians for life

One of our Neath Care Homes has welcomed MP and shadow secretary of state for Wales, Christina Rees to a vegan afternoon tea party to celebrate a new scheme for vegan and vegetarian residents.

The Plas Bryn Rhosyn care home is part of the Vegetarian for Life scheme that ensures people’s values, beliefs and choices are not affected by moving into a residential care setting. Plas Bryn Rhosyn is only the second care home in Neath to be included on the Vegetarian for Life list.

Christina, herself a Vegan, enjoyed the chance to talk with staff and residents and try a selection of vegan food on offer at the home.

“I’ve been a Vegan since my early twenties. People stop eating animal products for different reasons. For me it was philosophical, but my health certainly improved as a result of not eating anything to do with animals. As Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Vegetarianism and Veganism, I am very proud that Plas Bryn Rhosyn is part of the Vegetarian for Life scheme, making sure that people in residential care are comfortable and secure in the knowledge that their personal food choices are being catered for.”

Stuart Davies, Plas Bryn Rhosyn’s registered manager said:

“Our approach to care is very much focused on the individual. Vegetarianism and veganism are both growing in popularity, so we wanted to make sure people were clear that their beliefs and personal choices are important to us and can be accommodated through a move to residential care.”

The visit was timed to coincide with Veganuary – an initiative that encourages people to maintain a vegan diet for a full month. Plas Bryn Rhosyn will be holding local events and promoting their vegetarian and vegan cuisine in the coming months.

Amanda Woodvine, Chief Executive of Vegetarian for Life said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Plas Bryn Rhosyn as the newest member of our UK List and are heartened by its commitment to catering well and ethically for older vegans and vegetarians. The first retirement home exclusively for vegetarians was in Wales. We’re thrilled to now have 60 members in the country.”