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Making honey while the sun shines at Maes-y-Dderwen

Maes-Y-Dderwen and Ty Idris Davies are currently in the process of establishing their very own colonies of bees!

The projects have taken delivery of two ready-established bee hives which have been homed in the ground of Maes-Y-Dderwen. Each hive has a bee population of approximately 20,000 bees and over the next few months the projects are hoping to increase this to 50,000 per hive.

With the grounds at Maes-Y-Dderwen being set in a rural location, surrounded by farms, public park areas and mountain ranges the setting is a perfect environment for the bees to flourish.

Bees have many benefits not only to the countryside where they are responsible for over 80% of pollination of plants by insects, but they can also provide therapeutic benefits and relieve stress.

Bee populations have been rapidly decreasing over the years, with many honey bee colonies being wiped out by urbanisation, pesticides, and parasitic mites, this was a feature story at the RHS, Chelsea Flower Show this year.

Keeping bee hives in a garden can dramatically improve bee population and backyard bee keeping has become vital in efforts to re-establish lost colonies of bees and to offset the natural decrease of pollination of wild bees.

Pobl People at both the schemes have recently attended training to enhance their skills and knowledge about bees, this training included the setting up of hives, caring for the bees, and the production of honey.

They’ll be passing on their skills, knowledge and understanding to all service users who participate in the ‘Bee Project’ which will have many advantages to our service users, providing education on the importance of our bees and how they impact food crops. The UK already has high numbers of food banks being accessed by society and there’s also an impact on the pharmaceutical industry, since most medications are derived from plants which need the bee population to pollinate them in order to maintain their survival.

It is hoped that the Bee Project will increase client engagement, working as teams, building confidence, problem solving but also just being out in the great outdoors will enhance wellbeing and mental health, giving clients a better understanding of their surroundings and the environment they live in. No matter how big or small things are, there can be a significant impact on the environment if the balance of the scales are out of alignment.

Service Manager Nikki said:

“We’re confident, enthusiastic and motivated as teams and are invested in making this a long-term project that can become self-sufficient with the production and sales of honey, honey bees and beeswax candles being used to fund our future. We hope to start our honey sales first, which will start in 2019 – so look out for some Pobl Honey!”