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Go Girls attend Women of the World event

11th October saw a group of  Go Girls travel en masse to London to attend the ‘Women of the World’ event organised to celebrate ‘International day of the Girl’.

Go Girls is a project run in partnership with Charter Housing and Bron Afon Community Housing that looks to build the resilience and self-esteem of young women aged 15 to 25, to help them cope better with life challenges.

Held at the Southbank Centre, the main focus of the event was how body image is portrayed in the media and how positive body image should be embraced and was an excellent opportunity for the girls to become involved in a major equality movement.

Since its creation, the Go Girls have been actively involved in movements and campaigns that support young women to have a voice, as well as having an input into important decision making processes. 

Staff are delighted to witness first-hand the positive impact Go Girls is having on the confidence and self esteem of the girls involved.

Kayleigh (Age 17) said ‘ I had a lot of fun going to London and had a wicked time!  We took part in a task to look at magazine articles and look at the messages it sends out to young females and males and then changed the stories to be more positive.  I met lots of new people and would like to think they are now friends too’.

Abbie (Age 15) said ‘ I am new to Go Girls and had no idea what to expect.  It was a long day but was worth it as we saw many sites of London I have never seen before like Big Ben and the bridges over the Thames’.

Article created: 12th October 2016