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Listening & Learning

The current situation has posed a huge challenge for our Care & Support teams. They have pulled together under the most difficult circumstances to provide the very best support they possibly can to the individuals they care for.

But how have those individuals found the experience? Is there anything we could have done better? Is there something we should do more? Or less?

We wanted to find out, so our Engagement Manager, Sarah Beckingham set about surveying all of the individuals in all of our care and support settings to ask them…

The results of each of the surveys were overwhelmingly positive, with many compliments being offered to our teams.

As is to be expected in these circumstances, there were suggestions as to how we can improve our service too – which we’ve welcomed and already addressed.


To give you an insight to the work that goes on across our care and support services – and an understanding of how much that work is appreciated, we wanted to share the survey results with you below…

In response to the request to be kept informed of the Government’s guidelines, we have started to roll out a regular update for individuals, which will be provided in a variety of formats to ensure accessibility for all.

We’ve also worked on explaining the restrictions to individuals, so they can better-understand why they aren’t able to stick to their usual routine, for instance with their hairdresser.

During the lockdown period, our Care and Support services were given a sum of money from the Pobl Trust fund, which they used to buy items that would keep people occupied. It’s great to see the feedback above and how the thoughtful purchases made such a difference during a tough time.

We will continue to survey the individuals at our services to ensure they are happy and feel sufficiently supported.