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You said, we are doing....

Between April 2020 and April 2021 the customer engagement team has worked with teams across the business to collect over 8,000 views on services and policies, through surveys and focus groups promoted via our Pobl Voices group and also contacting customers who have received specific services or live in a certain community. Through this we have learnt more about what works well and where we can improve as part of our commitment to providing an excellent customer experience.

The document below provides an overview of some of the key ways that customers have influenced business change and has been designed to share with customers.  As a team we plan to update this data in November and then on a quarterly basis so keep an eye out for further updates.


In addition the infographs below show how and what customers have been able to give their feedback on:

Ways customers have been able to have their say:
What customers have had their say on: