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Our positive response to the climate emergency.

This decade is our last chance to radically reduce carbon emissions and avoid dangerous climate change.

So we’re cutting carbon in Pobl homes, places and across our operations.

Strategy & Ambition

Pobl Zero is our decarbonisation strategy for 2020-2030. It provides a route map to net zero.

Download Pobl Zero Strategy

Carbon Cutting is central to Pobl Ambitionsour vision for a decade of difference making.

Net Zero Place Making

Pobl is making a net zero home and a great place to live the new normal.

Pobl has led the way in proving many of the technologies and approaches that will cut carbon from our homes.

Our team and partners have the passion and skills to make this happen.

Cutting Carbon from Existing Homes

We’re on a mission to cut carbon emissions from thousands of customers’ homes across Wales.

We call this ‘retrofit’: Identifying the right solution for each home and working with customers and communities to make improvements.

Improvements can include insulation, installing renewable energy technologies or changing windows and doors – whatever it takes to cut carbon and reduce energy bills.

Transformative Energy Retrofit Project: Penderry, Swansea

The UK’s largest ever energy retrofit project of its kind will see 650 homes in Swansea benefit from state-of-the art renewable energy generation, energy storage and smart energy management technology.

Pobl Partners Sero will install individual or communal batteries for all homes that will harness power generated via solar panels, so that renewable energy is generated and stored for community use. Smart Thermostats and a dedicated app will help residents realise energy savings.

Recognising the Importance of Outside Space

We plan to cut carbon from our Care and Support services, so engaging the people we support is vital.

The opportunity to access green, open spaces aids mental health and wellbeing. For many, nature is a lifeline in times of crisis – so we have a collective responsibility to look after it and, in turn, one another.

Pobl Forest

Trees are pretty incredible, nature’s own carbon capturing machine. So we’ve been busy planting them and in the years ahead, we’ll plant many more.

Pobl Forest will see us planting trees in managed woodlands and in new and existing communities.

We want this to be a hands-on project, with customers, communities and colleagues planting the Pobl Forest in a wide range of locations across Wales.

Our Carbon Footprint

Working with The Carbon Trust we are currently undertaking our second  3 Scope footprinting exercise.

Measuring our carbon footprint allows us to make better decisions, set targets and report on progress.

Pobl’s total emissions for the financial year 2019/20 were ~62,400 tCO2e.

Timber logs

Building Smarter

We champion the use of timber frame construction and the use of sustainable materials.

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Sustainable Choices

We've introduced electric fleet vehicles, dramatically reduced paper usage and embraced digital working.

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Planet and Pandemic

We've analysed the carbon emissions impact of our response to the pandemic to inform our future ways of working.

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