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Pobl Trust Trustee

Meet our Pobl Trust Trustsee's

Ashleigh Calnan

Pobl Trust Trustee

Email: pobltrust@poblgroup.co.uk

My role at Pobl

For the past 8 years I have worked within Pobl’s amazing Comms and Marketing team as Pobl’s Culture and Communications Business Partner.

I get to work on lot’s of exciting projects and bring things to life through creative ideas.

Why is the Pobl Trust important to me?

My day-to-day role doesn’t always mean I get to directly help customers like hundreds of my other colleagues. Pobl Trust allows me to get hands on and help in more ways than one.

I love the challenge of making something from nothing and understand the struggles projects and organisations go though to make it work and create benefits for others.

My brain doesn’t really turn off, it’s full of ideas that will hopefully help to grow the Trust and help more people.

Something you may not know about me…

The Pobl Lottery was my idea 🙂 Something that i’m really proud of and since it started 4 years ago it has raised almost £100,000.00 for Pobl Trust.