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Becoming Pobl

The merger of Charter Housing, Tai Gwalia & Derwen

Becoming Pobl

We are pleased to advise that the merger is going ahead on 1st July 2020, at which point your home will be owned and managed by Pobl Homes and Communities.

As Pobl we will be able to improve our services to you and invest more in your home, both things you told us were a priority for you. Below you will find some FAQs that may help you.

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  • Why merge?

    We want to tackle the housing crisis by building more homes and invest more in our existing homes. As a new, combined organisation, we will have greater financial strength to deliver those aims.

    For you and your neighbours, the merger will provide a big opportunity for us to raise service standards, do more for you with more homes available in our stock, and increased value for money.

    We want to prioritise modernising and automating services, to offer you more choice and make it easier for you to access services and information with and from us. You will always be able to talk directly to a member of staff if that is what you prefer.

  • With everything that’s happening in the country with Coronavirus right now, why merge now?

    We considered delaying merger, but we have already completed most of the work required to make it happen, so we are satisfied that it won’t take our focus away from supporting our customers.

  • What do I need to do to make sure you still receive my rent payment?

    We are not changing our bank accounts, so you don’t need to do anything different.  Your direct debit or standing order will continue to be collected in the same way.

  • My rent card has Gwalia, Derwen or Charter printed on it – can I still use it?

    Yes, your rent card is still valid.

  • Can I still pay my rent online?

    Yes, the portal that you use may look slightly different from 1 July as it will reflect the Pobl brand, but you can still use it in the same way as before.

  • What will the new organisation be called?

    The new organisation will be known as Pobl Homes and Communities – or just Pobl for short. Charter Housing, Derwen and Tai Gwalia all joined Pobl Group in April 2016 but have continued to operate as separate organisations. This merger will enable us to deliver a consistent service across all of our homes.

  • What happens after the three organisations merge to become one?

    In the short-term customers will notice very little difference, but later this year we plan to launch a range of online services, which will enable our customers to pay rent, check rent balances and order repairs online, at a time that suits you.
    We have already made changes to our teams, including introducing smaller patch sizes for our Neighbourhood Officers, so that we can be more visible and active in our communities, making a real difference where it matters.

    Following the formal merger, residents who are currently tenants or leaseholders with Charter Housing, Derwen or Tai Gwalia will have a new landlord – Pobl Homes & Communities.

  • As a customer, how will I benefit from this merger?

    For customers, the merger will provide opportunities for us to raise our standards and improve service delivery. It will bring us greater financial capacity which will see us invest even more in maintaining and investing in our homes over the next 5 years.

  • How will the new organisation retain a local focus when it is so large? 

    We fundamentally believe in providing a local service to our residents. We know from talking to you just how important local knowledge and a local connection with the communities we serve are. We will ensure that a local focus is not lost and that levels of service remain high.

  • Will you still build social housing?

    Yes. This is one of the major reasons for bringing our three organisations together. Over the next 5 years we plan to build over 2,500 new homes. We will continue to focus on delivering high quality, mixed tenure homes so that we are creating balanced and inclusive communities. Over half of the new homes will be for social housing.

  • Will I need to move home?

    You will not be asked to move home as a result of the merger.

  • Are my tenancy rights affected?

    No, your rights remain unchanged.

  • Will repairs arrangements and contractors remain the same? 

    All existing arrangements will continue just as they do now.

  • Will how I report a repair change? 

    For the time being, there will be no change to existing arrangements.

  • What will happen to the Derwen, Charter Housing and Gwalia websites – I find them useful?

    The websites for the three companies will be removed on 1 July but we have updated the Pobl website to include all the useful content that we know you use.  Take a look at the Pobl Group homes section here.

    Over the coming months we will be looking to introduce more functionality on the Pobl website – we will keep you posted as things develop.
  • Will your focus on digital services replace the personal touch?

    Our plans to automate key services by investing in new technology will offer greater choice to our residents about how they interact with us. For many people, this will create smoother, simpler and faster systems, and will enable us to be more cost effective. But we absolutely recognise that some customers need or prefer a more personal service, and we will continue to offer that alongside our new digital services. This is about us creating a choice of options that allow you to take control of how you interact with us.

  • Will the merger improve the quality of local services? 

    In one word, yes.

    At the heart of our commitment to new digital services is the objective of freeing up our people to spend more time on the issues where you need the most support. These include resolving problems and complaints, ensuring the area you live in is in a good and safe condition, and listening to and acting on resident feedback. We have reduced our patch sizes and invested in new community-based roles so our colleagues will be more visible in your communities.