Pobl are committed to providing sector-leading person centred care to individuals in a range of settings.  Our combination of Physically Informed Environments, Reflective Practice and Person Centred support methodology means that individuals are at the centre of their services and inform everything we do.  We approach service planning and delivery through co-production, ensuring that people have full control of their homes and lives and can set the priorities in their services.

We operate under the ‘Duty of Candour’ in both England and Wales.  This means that we operate our services in an open, honest and transparent way, and that if any adverse incident every occurs in our services we will inform the person affected and their representative, even if they weren’t aware of the incident at the time.  We also apply this to our organisational structure, and operate and honest learning culture which seeks to learn and grow rather than place blame.

We welcome all feedback on our services. A copy of our leaflet “We want to hear from you” is available on our website, or from your local service.  We take all feedback seriously, and use our quality assurance cycle to share and embed best practice and learning throughout our organisation.

As a regulated Care Provider we are registered with Care Inspectorate Wales and the Care Quality commission.

In Wales, our regulator is CIW.  The status of our registration can be found on their website, together with all of our inspection reports here:

Our nurses are all registered with the NMC, and we have started registering all our Domiciliary Care Staff with Social Care Wales.  With the size of our organisation, this is a big task but we are on track to have all our staff registered by the end of 2019.

In England, our regulator is CQC.  Our registration number with CQC is 1-101657921.  Our inspection reports can be found on CQCs website, together with our overall provider rating of ‘Good’ here:

Each of our services has a Registered Manager who is registered with the relevant regulator and professional body, and a Responsible Individual (Wales) or Nominated Individual (England) who has been approved by the regulator as a fit and proper person to oversee  the services.  The RIs and NI spend time each quarter in the services, and use this time to talk to people and hear feedback about the service they receive.  If you want to speak to a service’s Registered Manager or Responsible Individual, please contact the service and we will gladly put you in touch.


Complaints care and support 2018 England final


Complaints care and support 2018 final