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We work together as a team. We have great ideas, masses of experience and a huge passion for delivering a difference in people’s lives.

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A glimpse into our Pobl world…

We strive to be a Great Place to Work, a place where everybody feels valued, supported and motivated to help make a difference to people’s lives. We don’t just work together. We plan and make decisions together, always listening to our staff team and customers.

  • A Pobl Welcome

    Oh hi! Here’s a Pobl Welcome from our CEO, Amanda Davies

  • Colleague Wellbeing

    On a daily basis we hear amazing stories of the great work being done to continue to deliver frontline services to our vulnerable customers. Colleagues are going above and beyond to ensure the safety and welfare of the people we support, but sadly, we are also facing circumstances which are upsetting and personally challenging.

    Experiencing symptoms of stress, worry, or fatigue are normal, it doesn’t mean you aren’t up to your job, it means you are human.

    There are a variety of wellbeing resources available to all colleagues at Pobl Group. It’s ok not to be ok and if colleagues are struggling, or just want someone to talk to, they can speak with our Colleague Wellbeing Team on a confidential basis, both individually or as a team.

    Alternatively, colleagues can contact Time for Talking – Pobl’s external counselling and psychotherapy service.

    Time for Talking is an external service, completely confidential and provides counselling and psychological wellbeing support 24/7, 365 days a year and is available at any time.

    Time for Talking have been confidentially supporting many colleagues at Pobl for some time now with emotional support due to life events, typically in the form of counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy. This coaching service will comprise of listening to any concerns colleagues have, helping colleagues normalise them and recognising that it is ok not to be ok. The team are all qualified in counselling and coaching and will help you devise personal effectiveness tools to cope.


    Our commitment to colleagues and customers around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) means that “We take every opportunity to promote equity, embrace diversity and challenge discrimination”.

    EDI encompasses so much more than this, which is why we have FREDIE’.  FREDIE adds in the principles of Fairness and Respect to the equality and diversity agenda and recognises the importance of Engaging with our colleagues and customers.

    FREDIE is at the heart of our Pobl values.  Read ‘Inclusive by Instinct’ – our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion here.

  • Pobl Trust

    Pobl Trust is Pobl Group’s registered charity.  It raises funds and allocates grants to community groups and organisation’s to improve the quality of life and create opportunities for people and communities in the areas where Pobl Group works.

    The Board of trustees is made up of seven Pobl colleagues.

    There are 3 funding round each year where grants are allocated. Each year a number of themes are agreed for which applications from across communities in south wales can be received. Grants are awarded up to the value of £1000.

    The funding themes for 2021 are:

    – Isolation and Loneliness

    – Children and Young People

    – Food Poverty

    The majority of the Trust incomes comes from the Pobl Lottery, an internal lottery for Pobl colleagues.

    Find out more here!

  • Pobl Forum

    We ensure that our colleagues influence significant business issues and have a say on decisions and actions that affect their lives at work. Pobl Forum is a group of colleagues from across Pobl that have been elected by our wider group of colleagues, based on their driven commitment to represent your views and opinions on key issues.

    Pobl Forum meet bi monthly with our Exec team and each rep sits at the Pobl Forum table as an equal. Pobl Forum is our way of ensuring you get your voice heard. If you have any queries, concerns or ideas, you have a Pobl Forum Representative that you can contact who will answer or voice your concerns on your behalf.

    Also, from time to time, we send all colleagues pulse surveys so that we can quickly react to change with informed feedback from our colleagues.

  • Pobl Lottery

    The Pobl Lottery is a pretty big deal here at Pobl! Every Friday, or should we say Fri-Yay! We celebrate a lottery player winning the weekly jackpot.

    It’s £1 a week to play and payment is taken via payroll deduction monthly.

    Each time you play the Pobl Lottery you’ll not only be in with a chance of winning, but you’ll be helping to raise funds for our charity – Pobl Trust.

    The more players, the higher the weekly prize. If everyone across the group plays, the prize will be around £1200 each and every week! Imagine the difference that could make! 

    Each week the prize will be split 50/50. 50% will be awarded to the Pobl Lottery weekly winner and the other 50% will be donated to Pobl Trust.

    Legally with any lottery a minimum of 20% must be donated to charity. Being difference makers, we have increased our Pobl Lottery’s legal charity donation percentage so that we can help more people.

    Oh, and one small thing… We love to surprise the winner!

  • Colleague benefits


    We offer everybody a pension. We currently operate a range of competitive pension schemes.

    Employee Discounts

    We are working hard with organisations to see if Pobl can receive any special discounts or promotions.

    Refer a Friend scheme

    At Pobl we not only recruit for skills and experience but also our values.

    As our staff have a good understanding about what it’s like to work for Pobl and therefore who shares the same values, we feel they are ideal recruiters to help us find the right talent.

    To thank you for your help, if the person you refer passes their probationary period we’ll reward you with a £100 voucher.

    Cycle Scheme

    Through CycleScheme, you can obtain a new bike and the appropriate safety equipment out of your salary before tax. The advantage of using the CycleScheme is that you will save tax and National Insurance on the cost which is not available if you get a bike straight from the high street.

    Pobl Saving Scheme

    Join your colleagues and start regularly saving directly through your pay.

    Over £100,000 is currently being saved via the Pobl Savings Scheme. In December 2019, £5700 was paid to colleagues across Pobl.

    1.8% interest is paid on money saved. This interest is paid to you in December’s pay, just in time for Christmas!

    Eye Care

    If you use display screen equipment (DSE) for a significant part of your normal work, either continuously or near continuously for periods of an hour or more each time, on a daily basis, you are eligible to claim a voucher for a Specsavers eye test.

    Health Cash Plan

    The health cash plan, run by Plutus Health contributes to everyday health costs such as dental treatment, spectacles, private consultations, physiotherapy and alternative therapies.

    Pobl Group administer the scheme, which enables the basic level to be offered to colleagues at a reduced rate.

    Long Service Award

    We used to hold a long service lunch to celebrate your loyalty and hard work over the years… But then we thought… You’ve been here a heck of a long time and probably don’t want to celebrate by sitting in a room with us for the 10,000th time. So, we would like to give you an experience you can remember and look back on in years to come.

    As a long service award, you will be given a Special Memories Voucher to spend on an experience of your choice to the value of your length of service. 

    • 10 years – £100 voucher
    • 15 years – £150 voucher
    • 20 years – £200 voucher
    • 25 years – £250 voucher
    • 30 years – £300 voucher
    • 35 years – £350 voucher
    • 40 years – £400 voucher

Our values are at the heart of everything that we do.

We are:

Ambitious We take a ‘can-do’ approach and challenge ourselves.
Appreciative We celebrate achievements and value people’s efforts.
Learning We are open to ideas and embrace change to help us improve.

Teams We achieve more because we work together.
Engaged We all contribute and play our part.
Linked We share, communicate and build relationships.

Friendly We are approachable and care about people.
Respectful We listen, value diversity and treat people fairly.
Supportive We offer advice, encouragement and help people to grow.

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In June 2020, all our companies joined to provide all our services under one name - Pobl. To celebrate, we sent all our colleagues a fabulous pair of Pobl Socks... and we continue to give all our new colleague a pair. Tag us on social media @poblgroup using #poblsocks when you get yours!

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