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Recipient of a Pobl Trust Award in 2021

In June 2021, the Pobl Trust was very pleased to award a grant of £850 to Cerebra, for brain injured children and young people.

The ground-breaking team at the Cerebra Innovation Centre in Swansea were seeking funding to help continue their work to design, build, and provide specialist equipment to any children with neurological conditions. The CIC develops products to be completely unique to match the child’s individual needs – by contacting the team with their ideas or problems, families are able to access specially designed equipment completely free of charge. The team tackle any ideas for inventions which will allow children to better discover the world around them.

The Trustees of the Pobl Trust were delighted to receive this report from Cerebra on how this Pobl Trust award has been spent. 3 year old Henry needs to be ventilated 24 hours a day via a tracheostomy. The CIC team built Henry his own personal bike trailer, giving him independence as he can now take his
ventilator with him on his adventures without his parents having to run alongside.

Take a read of the full report here and watch this heart-warming video to see and hear just what this innovation means to Henry and his family.



A huge well done to all the CIC team; the Pobl Trust is so pleased to have been able to support this vital work.

Read more about the brilliant work of the CIC here:

Cerebra Innovation Centre

“It’s absolutely amazing! The freedom it has given him is incredible. I can see his expression and the delight on his face. It’s literally life-changing for us and we are incredibly grateful.” Henry's mum, Shevonne
"Without your support, we would not be able to help children like Henry to find their independence and explore the world alongside their peers" Jasmine Silver, Cerebra