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Community Workspaces

Looking for a welcoming, comfortable place to work from in the community?  

Whether it’s a hot desk to catch up on emails, a comfort break, somewhere warm to make a phone call, a room to invite individuals for a private appointment or a space to host a meeting or an event –  Pobl’s Community Spaces are the places to be seen! 

See below what each community venue has to offer and use the venues email address to book or enquire about venue hire.

Provide in your email: 

  • Details of date(s) and times you wish to book a space
  • Name & contact details of responsible person leading the activity
  • Details of the activity
  • Numbers of adults attending
  • Numbers of children attending
  • Public Liability Insurance – specify if you have this in place and can provide Pobl with a copy
  • 104 Penderi, Blaenymaes

    104 Penderi, Blaenymaes

    The 104 is an agile, shared workspace for Pobl staff and our partners, such as the Police, third sector organisations.  It is also the base of the Penderi Energy Project with our partners Sero and Ever Warm as new technology is being installed across the community.  

    The building has been refurbished to be a welcoming space for the whole community not just Pobl customers.  

    Address:  104 Broughton Avenue, Blaenymaes, Swansea SA5 5LN

    Google Maps Link  

    Email to book a space: 104broughton@poblgroup.co.uk

    Bookable Spaces

    Waldhof Room (Ground floor)

    Open plan, adaptable space available for team meetings, working, presentations, group activities, community consultation, training etc.

    For approx 20 people.  

     NB: The front door to the building opens directly into this space.  Please be aware that other users/visitors of the building may need to have access.  

    Ozanam Room (Ground floor)

    Private meeting room for 1-1 appointments, private calls etc. 

    For max 4 people.  

    Caeconna Corner (First floor)

    An open group space with white board wall.

    For approx 6 people.

    13 Hot Desks

    Facilities available

    • WiFi
    • Phone charging
    • Kitchen space; kettle, sink, crockery & cutlery, Tea and Coffee
    • Projector & Bluetooth Speaker system for e.g. blended/hybrid meetings 
    • TV Screen 
    • Accessible WC 
    • Printer/Photocopier 
    • 12 Locker
    • Kitchen space; kettle, sink, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, crockery & cutlery
    • Shower room & WC
    • Storage room for resources for project-based community work.
    • Rear Garden with informal seating area
    • Key Safe & Burglar Alarm Codes will be issued to you once booking is confirmed. 
  • Fairview, Blackwood

    Fairview, Blackwood

    Fairview House is a community led provision in the heart of one of our larger Caerphilly stock areas. The house has a dual purpose as both an agile workspace for Pobl colleagues, partners and community groups and to provide a warm, welcoming space for the community to access.  

    The house, will also be home to a number of local groups, services and provisions in addition to the wider customer facing Pobl teams.    

    Address: 5 Clos Ceirw, Fairview, Blackwood, Caerphilly NP12 3FY

    Google Map Link 

    Email to book a space: fairviewhouse@poblgroup.co.uk

    Bookable Spaces

    Ceirw Room (Ground floor)

    Open plan seating informal flexible meeting space.

    For approx 15 people.


    Afon Tywi Room (First floor)

    Training/meeting space (with projector).

    For approx 15 people.


    Gronw Room (First floor)

    Private meeting room for 1-1 meetings or hot desk space.

    For max 3 people.

    Facilities Available

    • Wifi
    • Games Room
    • Employability Support
    • Parent & Toddler Provisions
    • Access to Digital Equipment
    • Tea & Coffee
    • Cooking Equipment
    • On Site Parking 
    • WC with baby changing
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Large rear garden with community tool shed
    • WC with baby changing 
    • Key safe & burglar alarm codes will be issued to you once booking is confirmed.
  • The Bunker, Barrackswood (Available from 1st March)

    The Bunker, Barrackswood


    The Bunker is a flexible open plan space, primarily used by community groups and partner organisations to deliver services for local people. Pobl staff are also welcome to book the space for work, meetings or events.  

    The building has recently been refurbished and is a valuable resource for this predominantly residential part of Newport. 

    Address: 49-53 Coltsfoot Close, Barrackswood, Newport NP20 5DU                                                                                                                          Google Map Link 

    Email to book a space: thebunker@poblgroup.co.uk

    Bookable Space


    The Bunker (Ground floor)

    An open plan space, with a small fixed seating area and various folding/stacking tables and chairs

    For approx XXX people.

    Facilities Available

    • WiFi
    • Printing
    • Phone charging
    • Tea and Coffee
    • WC & baby change (not accessible)   
    • Kitchen space (microwave, kettle, fridge sink and dishwasher) 
    • TV Screen 
    • Rear Garden
    • Key safe & burglar alarm codes will be issued to you once booking is confirmed.