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Pobl Trust Trustee

Meet our Pobl Trust Trustees

Emily Saunders

Pobl Trust Trustee

Email: pobltrust@poblgroup.co.uk

Your role at Pobl – your title, department and what you actually do

I’ve worked at Pobl since 2011 within the Organisational Development Team. I’ve loved every minute of it, seeing how the organisation has changed and grown over the years and being part of those changes as well. My role involves managing the People Services team. We look after colleagues pay, benefits and all colleague systems – the fun parts of HR – but it means we are involved in a lot of projects which cover all colleagues and aspects of employment at Pobl Group. No two days are the same and there is always something interesting going on.


Why is the Pobl Trust important to you?

Since a young age, I can always remember being involved in some kind of fund raising or volunteer work. Over the last few years with the global pandemic, the volunteering world has changed and I was left wondering what to do next. At the same time an amazing opportunity to become a trustee for Pobl Trust came about. I am super excited and feel lucky that the Pobl Trust want me to be part of the team. It really is a privilege to be able to support the Trust a charity that is able to provide so much for our customers and communities which may be overlooked by larger charities or funding pots.


Something we might not know about you……

When I was 18 I went to Australia to do some conservation work – which was amazing and one of my first big fundraising activities. At the airport in Sydney I was stopped by a sniffer dog and taken to be searched because they suspected I was carrying something illegal – turned out to be a cheese sandwich that had been at the bottom of my bag for 72 hours. Luckily there were no charges for carrying a sweaty sandwich!