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Girls Friendly Society (Neath)

Recipient of a Pobl Trust Award in 2022

Girls Friendly Society are an organisation dedicated to preventing gender inequalities from limiting girls’ ability to build happy and healthy lives. In April 2022, the Pobl Trust awarded £1,000 to support the set up of a branch of GFS in Neath.

Since launching, GFS Neath has been hugely popular with local girls, quickly reaching capacity within a matter of weeks. With a team of fully trained, confident volunteers following the lead of the GFS Neath Group Coordinator, from the very first session the girls attending were supported to feel comfortable and

With the equipment purchased through Pobl Trust funding, girls have had the exciting opportunity to
participate in a range of fun activities that have laid the foundations for GFS Neath to become an
established community of friendship, inclusiveness, and fun for girls in Neath. Activities have ranged from:

• Making friendship bracelets, encouraging the girls to get to know each other and develop friendships
• Making self-esteem flowers from paper plates and card. This activity supported girls to feel proud of who they are
• Making hopes and dreams chests which encouraged girls to believe they can achieve their hopes and dreams, and to try again if they have a setback

For more information on the Girls Friendly Society, and for details of local groups and volunteering opportunities, visit their website here.

Trying new things makes me feel brave” A member of GFS Neath
"The group has gone from strength to strength, the number of girls attending increased weekly prior to the summer holidays. There has been a real mix of personalities and we have seen the quieter girls, find their voices and become confident in giving their thoughts, ideas and opinions. As a group, they know that girls can achieve anything and they are determined to achieve their dreams.” Claire, GFS Neath Group Coordinator