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Neath Port Talbot

Below is a list of properties we have available for you to apply for.

This list will be updated when new properties become available. We no longer keep waiting lists so it’s important to check back on this page regularly and apply for every property which interests you. Please be aware that property adverts will be open for a minimum of 72 hours. Please be sure you are eligible to apply for the property you are interested in and check the postcode to ensure the area is suitable before applying. Click here for more information on eligibility rules.

If you are homeless or at threat of being made homeless please contact the Local Authority/Housing Options Team for your current area who can provide free advice and support.  Each Local Authority provides this support, local contact details,  Housing Options Swansea – 01792 533100 & Housing Options Neath Port Talbot – 01639 685219.

General Needs: Properties available to apply for

Reference Number Size Type Floor Address Post Code Further information
NOC-1001708 2 Flat Ground Arnold Court, Commercial Street, Ystalyfera SA9 2HS four person – no children under 12
Reference Number NOC-1001708
Size 2
Type Flat
Floor Ground
Address Arnold Court, Commercial Street, Ystalyfera
Post Code SA9 2HS
Further information four person – no children under 12

Seen a property you're interested in? Click here to apply online. If you need help applying online please give us a call on 01792 488288.

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