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Electrical Safety

Help us keep your home safe

To check your electrical safety we arrange a periodic inspection and test of the whole system within your home. We will contact you well in advance when the inspection is due and arrange for an engineer to attend on an agreed day and time.

What does the inspection consist of?

The engineer will check the electrical wiring system which includes the distribution board, wiring, lighting and sockets. The test will normally take between two to three hours and there will be minimal disruption to your home.

What do I need to do?

All that you need to to to help with this process is chat to our scheduling team to agree a suitable day and time for the engineer to attend and to allow access on that day for the test to be completed. We will confirm the appointment in a letter seven days prior to the day of the test. Please understand that the time needed for the engineer to attend is extremely important to your safety. Therefore, if an agreed appointment is missed you may incur a fee of £50 to cover the cost of the engineer’s wasted time.

What else can I do at home to be safe?

To help protect your family from the risk of electrical hazards at home, follow the link below for some specific guidance and tips on electrical safety at home.