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Pobl Trust Trustee

Meet our Pobl Trust Trustee's

Lucie Thomas

Pobl Trust Chair

Email: pobltrust@poblgroup.co.uk

My role at Pobl

I’m one of the Director at Pobl and I look after Learning, Development and Recruitment for the organisation. I’ve worked at Pobl for 4 years and I love my role and what we do as an organisation. I have an amazing team, full of energy and ideas and we are always trying to improve the way we support our colleagues across Pobl.

Why is the Pobl Trust is important to me?

I grew up in an old mining community in the South Wales valleys, it was pretty run down and many people survived on little, but the sense of community and passion for our village was strong. People cared about each other, they still do! The local choir, church, football and rugby team, craft mornings, dance classes all brought the community together and made it thrive. These groups are still going strong 30 years later and I know with just a small amount of investment projects and communities like the one I grew up in can change peoples lives. As a trust we can play a small part in supporting this and I feel so privileged to be involved in that.

Somethings you may not know about me….

I survived an earthquake … we were on holiday in Borneo in 2015 and early in the morning we were literally shaken out of our beds. It was only a  magnitude 5.9 but pretty scary nonetheless!