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Loftus Garden Village

Loftus Garden Village is a unique development of 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes built in the Arts and Crafts style.

Loftus Garden Village is built on a 16 acre site and consists of 250 homes on beautifully landscaped streets.

Clean Air Over 100 trees planted

Green Space over 50,000 sq. Ft (60 % of the whole site)

Story Telling Circle a safe area for children

Clear transport links under 10 mins drive from the M4

  • What are garden cities?

    The term ‘Garden City’ refers to towns and neighbourhoods which have been planned in the spirit of the Garden City Movement, which emerged in late 19th century.

    Many towns and cities during the industrial revolution were dense, polluted and dirty with little in the way of greenery, fresh air and sunlight. In response, social reformer Ebenezer Howard proposed the idea of a Garden City.

    Letchworth Garden City was the first such development and remains an inspiring example of the approach. Our project on this site has given us a chance to go back to the principles of the Garden City, and explore how this could be delivered in a contemporary context.

    We have accommodated the car and modern amenities and services, while creating a wonderful living environment and exploring opportunities for cooperative management. We hope our Garden Village will have the long-lasting success of Letchworth.

  • House Types

    The homes at Loftus Garden Village have been designed in the style of the Arts and Crafts movement.

    Popular through from the mid-1800s until just before the First World War, the movement was a rebellion against mass-produced homes and buildings that all looked the same. The vision of arts and crafts house focused closely on high-quality materials combined with a feel of handcrafting, as well as different designs and textures.

    Pretty, decorative and well-made Arts and Crafts houses brought a new lifestyle and feel to communities. Arts and Crafts houses have a real ‘cottage feel’ to them. Very pretty from the outside, the interior has the same feel – very homely, warm and welcoming.

    Built using traditional methods, they’re quintessentially British. The Garden Village Movement came about at around the same time as the Arts and Crafts Movement.

    A break away from the dense, over populated industrial towns and cities that were born out of the Industrial Revolution, garden villages offered green space, sunlight and space for children to run around and play. Loftus Garden Village combines these two movements beautifully.

    With 60 per cent of the site planned as green space, it will be an oasis and a sanctuary for the community that will develop there, and something very special for the city of Newport.