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Cardiff Employment Tribunal Response

Response to the ruling by Cardiff Employment Tribunal 11 April 2019

Pobl Group is a not for profit organisation that is focused entirely on making a positive difference in people’s lives. We recognise that part of a training exercise used during a diversity training course for Pobl staff caused offence to Ms Georges and apologise wholeheartedly. We have already acted and made changes.

Pobl has been an accredited Investor in Diversity organisation since 2017 and underwent a reassessment process last yearAssessors found that Pobl evidenced a “comprehensive approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion”. Accordingly, our training on these issues seeks to go beyond mere tick box exercises and genuinely engage staff to understand the impact of words and actions on the people they work with and for. In this instance, however well-intentioned the motives, we got it wrong and we apologise for that.