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Pobl Trust

Pobl Trust is Pobl Group’s registered charity. It raises funds and allocates grants to community groups and organisations to improve the quality of life and create opportunities for people and communities in the areas where Pobl Group works.


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Funding Themes

Each year a number of themes are agreed for which applications from across communities in Wales can be received.

The funding themes for 2022/2023 were recently agreed by the Pobl Trustees and Pobl Group Colleagues, and are:

– Connecting Communities
– Physical and Mental Health
– Environmental protection and human wellness
– Efficient Living 

You can find further guidance on these themes in the below “Application Help and Guidance” section.


There are 3 funding rounds each year where grants are awarded up to the value of £1000.

Funding Rounds:

1 – The January window for applications is now closed.

2 – The May window for applications is now closed.

3 – The September window for applications is now closed.


Application help and guidance

Funding window for grants of up to £1,000 is currently closed.

Please make sure you read through the below guidance and tips before completing our application form.

  • How do I apply for a Pobl Trust grant?

    It’s easy! If your organisation or project is within a location that Pobl works (these cover most of South Wales and Powys), falls under one of the key funding themes (which are reviewed each year), are in line with our Pobl Group ambitions and is within the funding limit of £1000, then you can apply.

    Applications are made by filling in the simple Pobl Trust Grant Application form. *Form will be made available when a funding round is open – see link above.

    All applications are reviewed by the Pobl Trust Trustee team and those deemed eligible are put forward for a Pobl Colleagues vote. The organisations or projects that receive the most votes will be awarded their grant request.

    Trustees will also have the discretion to make further awards, where funds permit.

    There are 3 funding rounds each year and the timescales look like this….

    • Funding Round open (1st to end of each of the following months)

    May, September and January

    • Applications Review, voted on and agreed with trustees

    June, October and February

    • Funding Awarded

    July, November and March

  • Our decision making process

    The aim of Pobl Trust is to improve the quality of life and create opportunities for people and the wider communities in areas where Pobl Group work.

    Pobl Trust is keen to encourage applicants to think about the ways in which they can help their communities to help themselves. This may be through the sharing of information, skills or training, or the sharing of resources. It may be through the passing on of tips and guidance on how to live more economically, or more sustainably, through live or digital events and groups. Whatever your project may be, do think of how to structure it so that it empowers your community members to help themselves, and so that the project’s objectives are sustained past the point of any financial assistance from the Trust. We want our grants to reach as many people as possible and the impact of the grant to help the organisation/project be sustainable, have longevity and widen participation. 


    • Pobl Trust cannot allocate funding where there is a single/family recipient – the impact of the funding must be for wider groups and communities. 
    • Pobl Trust is unable to fund activities/projects that should be being provided with income from another source. Where we are aware of other funding opportunities, we may direct you to these before taking your application further. 
    • Pobl Trust is unable to support applications for food for food banks, sports kits, travel costs, and day trips / one off events.   
    • Pobl Trust does not support internal salaries but may consider external people costs for expertise if the application can clearly identify the impact of these. 
    • Pobl Trust does not generally support venue hire costs. In exceptional circumstances, the Pobl Trust may consider supporting the costs of venue hire if the venue is a community run facility and if the applicant can clearly identify the benefit to the venue and the wider community of paying for its hire. The application would also need to identify how ongoing venue hire costs will be supported in the future.
    • Pobl Trust cannot award funding over £1000 or contribute towards a larger pot of project funding. 
  • Further information on the themes

    Connecting Communities
    Connecting Communities is all about how we empower and bring communities together, supporting communities, so they can support themselves.

    The funding will support individuals, groups and organisations working to nurture a more connected society- whether that’s through combating isolation, regenerating communities, bridging the digital divide or boosting economic opportunities and employment at a local level.

    Our vision is for all communities in Pobl areas to be strong, resilient, sustainable and able to take control of their own futures.

    Physical and Mental Health
    The Mind and Body are often viewed as being separate, however mental and physical health are closely related.  Good mental health can positively affect out physical health and in return, poor mental health can negatively affect our physical health.  Conversely feeling physically healthy can improve our mental health. 

    Creating opportunities for individuals, groups and organisations to become more health conscious will create healthier communities, reduce the reliance on health services, and create a socially active culture within our localities.

    Environmental protection and human wellness
    We don’t always see it, but our environment is shaping our health every moment of every day. Where we live, what we eat, and how we interact with the world around us can tip the scales between wellness and ill-health. 

    Unlike diet and exercise, many environmental health factors are not something that can be exclusively managed at the individual level. We are looking to support organisations and projects that aim to protect the environmental health and safety of your community, particularly with a focus on how the animals and biodiversity of our local areas can positively impact community wellbeing. 

    Efficient Living
    The significant increase in the cost of living will affect everyone but will disproportionally affect people on lower incomes who may already be struggling with everyday expenses.  

    We are looking to support organisations and projects that will enable and empower people in the community to make the most of what they have and live more efficiently. Whether that might be providing training or information on how to make nutritious meals on a budget, eliminating food waste, energy saving tips or something else that will help people make the most of what they have in a more sustainable way. We’re particularly interested in supporting projects that encourage individuals and groups to spread their new skills and knowledge throughout their local community. 

  • Getting started with your application form

    Have you got everything you need to complete your application form?

    • Your organisation’s or project’s contact details, information, location and postcode.
    • A clear summary of your project, how it links to (at least) one of the current funding themes, the impact it will have on the people/communities it will serve, and how the project will have longevity and sustainability.
    • How much funding you’ll need (up to a maximum of £1000) and what you’ll be spending it on; ideally with a breakdown of costs.


    Right, you’re ready to make your application – there will be notes against each section to help you understand what we are looking for – good luck!

    Don’t forget, we’re here if you need a little help – email us at pobltrust@poblgroup.co.uk

  • Celebrating your project

    If you have been successfully awarded a Pobl Trust grant we would love to share your story and the impact it has made, on our website and social media.

    We will ensure that we go through all the correct GDPR protocols before publishing anything. We won’t ask you to fill in any long evaluation forms but sharing your story at the end of the project helps us promote the great work both you and the Pobl Trust are doing!

Successful Grants

Check out the amazing projects, organisations and charities that we’ve awarded over the past two years.

Recently Funded

Pobl Lottery

The majority of the Trust incomes comes from the Pobl Lottery, an internal lottery for Pobl colleagues.

The Pobl Lottery is a pretty big deal here at Pobl! Every Friday, or should we say Fri-Yay! We celebrate a lottery player winning the weekly jackpot.

Oh, and one small thing… We love to surprise the winning player!



Move-On Grant

A Pobl Trust Move-On Grant provides support to Pobl Customers who are moving from Pobl Supported Accommodation Services into their own accommodation. It is designed to provide financial assistance in the form of vouchers (up to £250) to purchase essential items and/or services to furnish and equip a new home.

Pobl Trust Move-On Grant

Get In Touch

If you’d like more information about our funding themes or would like help filing in the application form, please get in touch!

Email: pobltrust@poblgroup.co.uk

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